When Is The Right Time To Purchase A Stairlift? 

Cork Stairlifts were inspecting a curved staircase this week and I had a long discussion with the daughter of a gentleman who is considering a stairlift in his home.  They asked me a simple question “when is the right time to purchase a stairlift?  This is a really important question because whether you purchase a stairlift for curved stairs, a reconditioned stairlift or straight stairlifts, they involve a significant investment.

We discussed whether they would apply for grants for stairlifts or purchase it privately themselves.  In the end, the gentleman decided to go ahead with his plan and have a stairlift installed.  After that, I spent the rest of the week thinking about this question.  When should you stop thinking about installing a stairlift and actually have it done?

I came up with the following.

1 : Fear Of Falling Down The Stairs : As we get older, we struggle with steps and stairs and our mobility naturally deterioriates with age.  Many people have a strong fear of falling or are afraid for a parent, spouse or sibling.  No one wants to consider the consequences of what would happen if a loved one fell down the stairs.  So if you suffer this fear or if you are fearful that a loved one may fall down their stairs, it may be right time.

2 : Struggling To Get Up The Stairs : If you find that getting up to the top of your stairs is a physical struggle and that sometimes you decide it’s not worth the effort to go up or downstairs to fetch a book, cardigan or a glass of water, this struggle and lack of mobility is affecting your life in countless ways.  Life is too short to face unnecessary frustrations and struggles.  A stairlift may be the solution you need and it can be installed quickly and with no mess alleviating the problem effortlessly.

3 : Moving Home : If you are thinking of moving house or thinking of moving into a bungalow because you find moving around more challenging, this is the perfect time to purchase a stairlift.  People often move home because they live in a two or three storey house with stairs.  As we get older our stairs become far more challenging.  Fitting a stairlift allows you to stay in the home you love so you don’t have to move elsewhere.  It is far less stressful to install a stairlift and stay in the house and neighbourhood you love, avoiding all that stress completely.  For more information on stairlifts in Cork or if you need a free quote, contact our office (021) 432 0052 or visit

4 : Medication : The development of more effective medication in recent years has resulted in greater longevity and a better quality of life for older generations.  However, it has also meant that more people are taking medication regularly throughout the day.  Most medication does not affect your mobility however stronger medications may affect your balance.  If you are on strong medication and have a stairs in your home, then this could cause a potential risk.  Stairlifts alleviate this risk completely

5 : Restrictive Mobility : As people get older, they often feel that their mobility and freedom to move around their entire home becomes more restrictive.  If you feel like you are losing your independence, then you may need a stairlift.  After all, stairlifts gives you complete independence in your home and the freedom to move around your home easily.  So if you spend most of your day downstairs and find yourself restricted to a few rooms, it might be the right time for you to consider purchasing a stairlift.

6 : Physical Pain : Going up and down steps of a stairs can cause pain and discomfort.  If you find that you are one of those people, then it may be the right time to consider straight stairlifts, reconditioned stairlifts or a stairlift for curved stairs.  Every person is different, so one person’s level of pain may be a lot higher than another but everyone will agree that whatever the level of pain that you are enduring, it has an impact on your quality of your life.  So why cause yourself discomfort and put yourself through unnecessary pain when a simple solution is available which illeviates that physical pain.

7 : Feeling Safe : If you don’t feel safe going up and down your stairs, then it’s definitely time to consider purchasing a stairlift.  There are even grants for stairlifts to help you offset the cost.  You should never feel unsafe in your own home and your family should never need to worry that you are unsafe. Mentally it can be quite a challenge, so why persist with this insecurity when stairlifts keep you absolutely safe.  You even have a seatbelt which fastens just like a car seat, so that you are always completely safe when travelling up and down your stairs.  To see more stairlifts in Cork or make an enquiry, visit or email John Lyons directly at

Every person has different needs and mobility issues so the right time to purchase a stairlift is a very individual decision.  It often comes down to quality of life.  For some people the fear or mental struggle with their stairs may be the dominant factor.  For others it may be the physical effort or pain involved.  The right time to purchase a stairlift is ultimately the time when you need to remain physically and mentally safe while travelling up and down your stairs.  For a free quotation contact our Cork Stairlifts office on (021) 432 0052 or visit our website at or speak to John directly on (086) 395 1196 so call now.  We’d love to chat with you.



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