Stairlift Grants

Are you aware that there is a €6000 grant available to everyone

to offset the price of a new stairlift in your home? 

Would you like to find out more?


The Mobility Aids Grant Scheme is available to absolutely everyone, irrespective of your background or circumstances. 

Means Test

Every grant application is means tested.  The combined income of everybody living in your home is taken into consideration.

Tax Cert

All your tax affairs must be in order when you start to process your grant application.  Evidence of this is required by the relevant councils.


Two quotations will be required to process your grant application.

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If you need more technical information in relation to the

Mobility Aids Grant Scheme, see below.  

The Mobility Aids Grant Scheme is available to everyone to offset the cost of a new stairlift.  The maximum grant available is €6000.  If you need to apply, phone Cork city Council on (021) 492 400.  If you live in Cork County, phone (022) 30492 and they will post you out the application form details.


The maximun total household income threshold is €30,000 and all household members income will be included to make up this figure.  This will include child benefit, the entire family income the previous year, domiciliary care allowance, respite care grant, carer's benefit and carer's allowance.  


The Mobility Aids Grant Scheme is paid to everyone including people who own their own homes, purchased their homes previously under the Tenant Purchase Scheme, people who live in private rented accommodation, those who live in voluntary housing, people in rental subsidy schemes as well as people living in communal residences.


An engineers report is also required.  Local authorities have their own designated engineers so you can't do this privately.  An engineer will call to your home and assess your stairs.  If you install a stairlift before the engineer inspects your home, your application will be null and void.   


Your grant application must include your PPS number, proof of household income, proof that the property tax is paid, tax clearance certificate, doctors report, occupational therapists report, engineers report, two independant quotations from registered stairlift contractors and a completely filled out application form.


Priority is given to people on the basis of medical need.  These range from P1 to P4 with P1 being the highest priority.  This is given to people who are terminally ill, where alterations would facilitate their discharge from hospital.  This is to facilitate people who can be cared for at home.  


An Occupational Therapists (OT) report to assess your mobility needs is required. Your local authority can arrange this.  Alternatively you can privately employ an OT.  However only €200 will be given back to you as part of the grant.  Unfortunately this may not cover the full cost of the occupational therapists report so you need to check beforehand.


You cannot retrospectively fit a stairlift 

before you receive written grant approval.  If you do, your grant will be cancelled.  You must wait until your local authority has given you full written approval of your grant allocation, before proceeding and installing a new stairlift in your home.


If you need a stairlift grant application or need to contact

your relevant local authority, click the link below.   

If you need Cork City Council stairlift grant forms and

further information,

Click Here.

If you need Cork County Council stairlift grant forms and

further information,

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