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Cleaning Stairlifts : Everything you need to know!

Cork Stairlifts maintains a range of different types, makes and models of straight stairlifts, reconditioned stairlifts and curved stairlifts in Cork.  One question that we often get asked by customers is “should I clean my stairlift and what cleaning agents should I use?”.  This is a great question, because cleaning your stairlift keeps it in perfect working order.  The good news is that cleaning stairlifts is very simple and straight forward.  This blog explains everything you need to know.

Is there any need to clean my stairlift?

Yes, there is a need.  It is important to keep your stairlift clean and in good working order at all times.  After all, your stairlift ensures that you get up and down your stairs safely and it helps you maintain independence at home.  You can clean the stairlift rail, protective housing around the motor, stairlift seat and footrest.  If you would like more information, please contact Cork Stairlifts on (021) 432 0052 or email John directly at

Straight stairlift in Cork
Homeglide Straight Stairlift

What cleaning products should I use?

Avoid abrasive agents, cleaning solutions, bleach or chemical agents.  Unlike cleaning your bathroom or kitchen, there is no need for harsh agents as they will damage your stairlift because they are too acidic.  Splashing water over an electronic motor can do significant damage as well, so water should also be avoided.  Everyone knows water and electrics are never a good combination.  In terms of cleaning products, all you need to do is to dip a soft cloth into warm soapy water and wring it out until the cloth is barely damp.  What could be easier?  It is also important that you regularly service your stairlift.  An annual service, helps maintain your warranty, ensures your stairlift won’t break down and keeps the motor, rail and seat in perfect condition.  To book a stairlift service or if you need stairlift repairs, visit our website

Do different stairlifts require different types of cleaning?

No.  Different makes, types and models of stairlifts do not require different types of cleaning.  It is essentially the same for every stairlift.  It doesn’t matter whether you have a quality straight stairlift, reconditioned stairlift or a curved stairlift, cleaning them involves a couple of swipes of a damp cloth.

Curved Stairlifts In Cork
Platinum Curved Stairlift

How often should I clean my stairlift?

There is no point cleaning your stairlift daily, because it is simply not needed.  When you can see that your stairlift is getting dirty, give it a rub of a soft damp cloth.  This is very much dependent on how clean you like to keep your stairlift so it’s a personal choice.  In general, a few wipes with a dampened cloth once a fortnight is more than sufficient to keep the household dust off your stairlift rail, seat and footrest.  For more information on cleaning stairlifts in Cork please contact our office in Ballinlough on (021) 432 0052 or phone John directly on (086) 395 1196 so call now.  We’d love to chat with you.

Where should I clean?

The stairlift rail is the most obvious place to start.  You have probably seen dirt marks, lines and streaks that get formed as the rollers in the motor move up and down your rail.  When household dust gathers on top of the rail, it can get stuck on the track and build up as the rollers travel over this dust.  If this is left unchecked, it will build up and ultimately cause your stairlift to malfunction.  So you need to ensure your rail is clean and free from this build up of household dust.  The stairlift seat is the next obvious place to clean.  Ensure that you use a barely damp cloth and that no chemical agents are used as they could affect the upholstery.  Similarly, the footrest can be cleaned to ensure it’s maintained in good condition.  Finally, the outer protective covering over the motor can be cleaned with a soft damp cloth.

Flow X Curved Stairlift In Cork
Flow X Curved Stairlift In Cork

Cleaning, servicing and maintaining your stairlift is vitally important.  It keeps your motor, rail and seat in good working order.  Above all, it allows you to enjoy your entire home and helps maintain your independence and quality of life at home.  For further information, visit our website or if you prefer to speak to one of our team, phone our office on (021) 432 0052.  We’re waiting for your call and we’d love to chat with you.


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