Stairlifts Repairs and Servicing

Care Programme


Cork Stairlifts has worked continuously throughout this pandemic.  We put a CARE Programme in place so that our team of engineers could support our existing customers by carrying out servicing, stairlift repairs and we’ve continued to provide information on grants for stairlifts.  Breakdown cover, call-outs and maintenance repairs have also been available to anyone in need.  As this pandemic changes, our CARE Programme will adapt accordingly to ensure we continue to serve our customers needs.  Contact Cork Stairlifts office on (021) 432 0052 or visit our website for further information.


The Irish government has agreed Ireland’s plan final phase of our response to the COVID-19 pandemic COVID-19 : Reframing the Challenge, Continuing Our Recovery and Reconnecting.  Thanks to the hard work and progress of our vaccination programme, over 88% of the population over 18 are fully vaccinated, with 92% of adults (aged 18 and over) having received at least 1 dose.


We will enter the final phase of this programme on 22nd October 2021.  This phase will see the majority of restrictions lifted and replaced by guidance and advice to enable us to work together and live our lives to the fullest extent.  The government has agreed that during the period between 1 September and 22 October, we will continue our careful and gradual approach to reopening, while supporting maximum reach of the vaccine programme and allowing time to achieve the full benefits for all those currently being vaccinated.  Click on Covid-19 Information and Advice for more information.