Stairlift grants available up to €6000
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Download the Grant Application Form for
Cork City

Download the Grant Application Form for
Cork County

Follow our simple step by step guide to apply for a stairlift grant.

This grant is available to everyone.  The process is complicated but in our experience, the benefits are definitely worth the effort. We will walk you through the entire grant application process from start to finish.

The process appears complicated but don’t be put off.  Instead, consider the wonderful benefits and safety of a stairlift.  To make things easier simply, tick off each point off in turn as you move down.

The maximum grant available is €6000 and it is means tested

The maximum total household income threshold is €30,000 and all household members’ income will be included. to make up this figure.  You are allowed €5,000 for each person in the household.

You must be up-to-date, paid and have complied with the Local Property Tax.  You will need to provide evidence of this, as part of your application.

Priority is given to people on the basis of medical need.  The highest priority will be given to the terminally ill, where alterations would facilitate their discharge from hospital.

The grant will be paid to people who own their own homes, purchased their homes under the Tenant Purchase Scheme, people who live in private rented accommodation, or accommodation provided under the voluntary housing Capital Assistance and Rental Subsidy Schemes and people living in communal residences.

Your local authority may request an Occupational Therapist’s (OT) report. You can employ your own occupational therapist. You will only get back €200 of their fee as part of the total grant which may / may not cover the full cost of the report.

If you have to pay more than €650 to a contractor, they must submit their Tax Clearance details to the local authority.  The work is expected to start within 6 months of your grant approval.

And that is it. Congratulations if you’ve come this far. If you need the forms, pick up the phone right now.  Contact the Housing Department of Cork City on (021) 4924169 or (021) 4924512. If you live in Cork County, phone (022) 30415 and they will post out the necessary forms.

If you have any other questions on stairlifts, phone (021) 4320052.  Call now.  We’d love to speak to you.